Turkmenistan doubled export of oil products to Georgia | Arzuw NEWS

In 2020, deliveries of Turkmen aviation kerosene to Georgian importers almost doubled. Over the past 6 months. In 2020, Georgian partners purchased 22.9 thousand tons of this fuel, providing 80% of Georgia’s imports.

According to the Georgian Union of Importers of Petroleum Products, for 6 months. In 2020, Turkmenistan exported to Georgia more than 50 thousand tons of diesel fuel and gasoline, which is 8 thousand tons more than last year. Thus, our country entered the four leaders in the supply of these types of fuel.

The positive dynamics is facilitated by the agreement on the reduction of tariffs for the transportation of Turkmen oil products, which will be valid for the railway carriers of Georgia and Azerbaijan until November 2020.
Last year, the volume of oil products transported from Turkmenistan through the terminals Dubendi and Alat amounted to more than 360 thousand tons.

Source: oilgas.gov.tm


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