Uzbek National Guard officer who beat a 2.5-year-old child to death, sentenced to 19 years

In Tashkent, an officer of the National Guard of Uzbekistan beat his wife’s 2.5-year-old nephew to death. About it reported internet edition habar.uz.

According to the newspaper, the mother of the child who lived in the Tashkent region went to work in Turkey, leaving her son in the care of her older sister, who lives in the capital. However, the sister’s husband, who was an employee of the National Guard, often drank and beat his wife and her nephew. On one of these days, the man, having once again consumed alcohol, began to beat his wife. But when the woman hid from her husband, he attacked the small child and began to brutally beat him. The child died as a result of the beatings.

Realizing that the child had died, the officer of the National Guard ordered his wife to say that the boy fell down the stairs and died.

The woman went to her village to bury her nephew. However, the child’s relatives had to go to a doctor to obtain the death certificate required for burial. The village paramedic suspected that the death of the child did not occur as a result of falling down the stairs. After that, the boy’s grandmother turned to law enforcement agencies and the baby’s body was sent for examination.

Forensic experts told the relatives that the child died as a result of his injuries. The case was transferred to the Tashkent City Criminal Court.

The court sentenced the officer of the National Guard to 19 years in prison, finding him guilty under Articles 97-2 (“Murder of a person who was knowingly helpless for the guilty”) and 110-2 (“Systematic beating or other acts of torture in relation to minor “) of the Criminal Code of Uzbekistan.



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