Turkmenistan’s public sector employees urged to take unpaid leave

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Since 4 August, 2020 executives of Ashgabat international airport “Oguzkhan” have sent the majority of their employees on unpaid leave. As of today they have been informed that the leave is scheduled to last until mid September.

One of the airport employees told a correspondent of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” that the minimum number of employees were left at work to maintain the equipment in working order. In the meantime, the old airport building for domestic flights operates in a regular mode.

According to correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan”, staff of other state-run and public sector organizations, primarily employees over 50 years old, have been also urged to take unpaid leave.

Let us recall that in mid July Turkmenistan’s Ministry of Labour and Social Security recommended executives of companies of all forms of ownership to provide leave to employees from high risk groups as a measure to prevent the spread of viral infections.

Radio “Azatlyk” has reported that public sector employees and staff of state-run enterprises will be sent to a 90 day unpaid leave.


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