In Jizzak, a farmer poisoned his 2-year-old son with poison and mocked his 8-year-old stepson

In the Farish district of the Jizzakh region of Uzbekistan, a father poisoned his 2-year-old son with an insecticide. It turned out that before that, the man constantly mocked his 8-year-old stepson.

A boy from the Kyzylkum mahalla was taken to the regional medical association with signs of poisoning. As the doctors found out, the child suffered from the chemical insecticide Nurel, which is used in agriculture to kill insect pests.

During the preliminary investigation it was revealed that the poison was given to the 2-year-old child by his father, 42-year-old farmer M.M.

It turned out that a farmer registered in the Chust district of the Namangan region, but working in Farish, is in a Sharia marriage with Sh.M., who has an 8-year-old son. The stepfather constantly abused the child and beat him. In March of this year, he poured boiling water over his stepson – investigators found burn marks on the child’s body.

Against M.M. a criminal case has been initiated, reports Podrobno.uz with reference to the newspaper “On post”.



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