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Giuseppe Paterno, who lives on the Italian island of Sicily, was the oldest student to successfully graduate from high school. The 96-year-old graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy and Historical Studies at the University of Palermo.
“I want to thank you all.” I don’t know what else to say. I didn’t expect the rector to meet with me, which is very unexpected, “said Giuseppe. Fermisio Mikari, rector of Palermo University, did not want to miss such an important event in the life of the university, so he came to congratulate the old man. By the way, this student not only passed the tests, but also scored the highest score. Fabrizio Mikari said in his speech that the old man had shown perseverance despite his age.
“This inspiring event should set an example for every young generation who are passionate about education,” the rector said.
Giuseppe Paterno was born in September 1923. He has witnessed numerous events in the country over the years. Paterno received his secondary education at the age of 31. He worked on Italian state railways.


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