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The possibilities offered by technology are endless. As a result, computer use has also increased in recent years. You don’t have to leave the house and go somewhere else to get a ticket, use banking services, pay for various services, order what you need, and even attend classes offered in different fields. These can be done on the computer, from where you are sitting. No matter how easy it is for us, sitting around looking at a computer or phone for long periods of time is bad for our eyesight. Experts note that those who spend more than two hours a day in front of a computer should be more careful. Because looking at a bright screen for a long time is exhausting. The difference between a computer and a TV is that the image on the computer is constantly changing when it is used in other applications. There are small dots called pixels on the computer screen. To see it, the brain has to remember those dots for a very short time. Constantly changing images, on the other hand, cause narrowing of the blood vessels. This makes the eyes tired. Therefore, it is recommended to move your eyes away from the screen from time to time and move a little. But what else can you do to prevent damage to your eyes when working on a computer?
For a long time, staring at the screen without blinking causes the eyes to dry out. Usually a person blinks an average of 12-18 times a minute. The person who looks at the screen carefully blinks 4-6 times a minute. This condition, which causes dry eyes, can lead to other diseases as well. Therefore, it is sometimes recommended to close your eyes for a few seconds and to blink of your own free will while working.
There are other causes of dry eyes. In these days of hot weather, work and home refreshments are more and more used. Exercises cause more tears to evaporate.
It is advisable to consult a doctor without wasting time when you have conditions such as fatigue, pain, blurred vision, seizures, nightmares, and redness in your eyes. It is said that people over the age of 40 should pay more attention to their eyes and wear glasses if necessary.
Sitting right at the top of the computer is also important for your eyes. The screen should be positioned slightly below the eye level (10–15 degrees). Thus, the screen should be looked down slightly. This causes the eyes to blink a little and cause the tears to evaporate less.
The humidity in the office should not be low. You should not allow the exerciser to blow directly into your body.
Remember to adjust the screen brightness as well! The larger the screen, the better. The screen should be high resolution and low brightness. Protective mirrors are recommended because they reduce the power of the beam.
If you are writing a letter, the page bed should be light in color and the letters in bold. The larger the letters, the better. Even if you are working and reading what is on the websites, it is not difficult to enlarge and minimize the letter on the computer.
Ek­ran he­mi­şe de­giş­li aras­sa­laý­jy se­riş­de­ler bi­len aras­sa­la­nan bol­ma­ly. Ek­ra­nyň ara­ssa­ly­gy du­ry şe­ki­li üp­jün ed­ýär.
The light that illuminates the room should not be seen directly. It would be better if the light came from behind. The room should not be too bright. Bright, shiny things can also damage the eye.
One of the main things to keep in mind is to relax your eyes from time to time. You should close your eyes every 20-45 minutes. This is more important for children! Children should take a 15-minute break after sitting at the computer for an hour. The same is true for all smartphones and other screen devices. You can take a break or do some light exercise.

Lachin ISANGULYEVA, Librarian of the Berdi Kerbabayev Library Branch of the Central Library System of the Ashgabat City Department of Culture.


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