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The Know-How free training platform of the EBRD Academy of has introduced another module for the entrepreneurs. This is in response to the new and emerging challenges arising from the consequences of the global pandemic.

Here are some details:

Module 3 of the Know How to…in a Crisis Programme

Crisis Management: Financing your business

In the Crisis Management: Financial Management Essentials module, you learned about cash forecasting, ways to manage money in and out of your business and running a profitable business in a crisis

In this module, you will learn about financing your business in a crisis.

Having sufficient finance in place to run your business is always essential and will become ever more critical in a crisis situation where business continuity is under threat. This module will provide you with the skills and know-how to help you understand what form of finance is right for your business, how to apply for it and how to make smart choices when faced with critical financing decisions.

By the end of the module, you will know how to tackle a number of key challenges and the answers to these questions:

Am I using the right source of external finance for my business?

We will explore types of external finance, their primary purpose and how they work

How do I know if a loan is affordable and sensible for my business?

We will show how to structure a loan – calculate the cost of finance, the rate of return of your money invested, and a manageable repayments schedule

Where do go to find finance?

We will guide you on selecting providers and products

How do I apply for structured finance from a provider?

We will guide you on preparing an application and assessing offers

How can I avoid or tackle critical financing issues?

We will explore a range of solutions, including being turned down for finance and getting into payment difficulties

* * *

If you are already a registered user, to access the new module, click on the “View Available Modules” button on your main Panel and scroll down to Section “III”. www.ebrdknowhowacademy.com

To access for the first time, please register. To access the Know-How Academy:


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