Foreign students in Russia will be able to work in their free time without special permission

Foreign students in Russia were given the opportunity to work in their free time without special permission and patent. The corresponding federal law came into force on August 5, reported at the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia.

The law was authored by members of the Federation Council and State Duma deputies headed by speakers Valentina Matvienko and Vyacheslav Volodin.

Now international full-time students can legally earn extra money. All that foreigners need to conclude an employment or civil law contract with an employer is to provide a certificate from an educational institution that they are indeed studying in Russia. Moreover, there is such a condition: the university must have state accreditation.

Students are allowed to work at any time free from studies, including outside the constituent entity of Russia, in the territory of which they are studying.

If a student ceases to be such – he completed his studies or stopped it, then the employment contract or document for the performance of work or the provision of services must also be terminated. The company will legally be able to hire not a student, but a certified specialist.

Previously, foreign students could work in Russia without permission only during vacations or in their free time in educational organizations, business societies or partnerships created by universities where they study.

According to the Ministry of Education and Science, about 241 thousand foreign students are studying in universities in Russia. More than 27 thousand of them are from Turkmenistan.



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