Interference in the activities of statistical bodies is not allowed

Priorities for improving the national statistical system have been identified.

Resolution of the President “On measures to further improve and develop the national statistical system of the Republic of Uzbekistan” imzoladi.

The following priorities for improving the national statistical system of the Republic of Uzbekistan have been identified:

  • Transformation of statistical bodies into a professional independent service aimed at the formation of high-quality, reliable and high-demand data, increasing the transparency and openness of statistical data;
  • Ensuring the full functioning of the Statistical Council under the State Statistics Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan by strengthening the powers and obligations aimed at implementing a unified policy in the field of statistics;
  • Establishment of an integrated system for the collection, processing, analysis, publication and storage of statistical information with extensive use of advanced information and communication technologies;
  • Improving the methodological framework and management principles used in the whole national statistical system of the country for the development, dissemination and harmonization of official statistics;
  • Gradually optimize observations and reduce the burden of reporting from respondents by integrating departmental databases into a single database management system, as well as conducting censuses and compiling statistical reports.
  • Establish an effective policy of cooperation with statistical users and increase users’ trust in statistical information by informing the public about available statistics;
  • to further improve the material and technical support of the state statistical bodies, to create favorable conditions for the effective work of employees, as well as to establish and maintain territorial statistical bodies through the effective introduction of information and communication technologies;
  • development of advanced statistical methods and technologies, including innovative developments in the field of open data, for professional development of employees of state statistics bodies, conducting scientific research and applying them in future practice.

The order is established in accordance with it:

  • The State Statistics Committee exercises its powers related to the formation of official statistics independently of all state bodies and organizations;
  • No interference in the legal activities of statistical bodies, including the conduct of official statistical reports and observations, as well as in the process of their publication and publication, shall be prohibited;
  • Statistical data generated by the State Statistics Committee shall be published as official statistical information;
  • The Republic of Karakalpakstan, oblasts and Tashkent city statistical offices (hereinafter referred to as territorial administrations), as well as district (city) statistical departments are independent of local state authorities and report directly to the State Statistics Committee;
  • Heads of territorial departments are appointed and dismissed by the Chairman of the State Statistics Committee, heads of statistical departments of districts (cities) on the recommendation of the heads of territorial departments by the Chairman of the State Statistics Committee.

The State Statistics Committee has the following rights:

  • auditing the statistical methodologies of other official statisticians for compliance with international standards and making mandatory submissions to ministries and agencies based on the results of the audit;
  • electronic communication with information systems of ministries and agencies for the purpose of conducting observations, forming official statistical materials and conducting analyzes.

In this case, the heads of ministries and departments are personally responsible for ensuring access to and free use of their information systems in accordance with the request of the State Statistics Committee within its competence.



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