It will invest in the space center

The Norwegian government has decided to invest in millions of dollars worth of projects at the country’s Andoya space center. This was announced in a government press release. These resources will be used to further develop plans and technologies to launch a new center for the launch of small satellites. The government has announced that it will be able to develop this important area at the Andoya Space Center and create high-tech jobs in the future.
“This center can provide the best opportunities for the development of knowledge and technology in Norway,” said Trade and Industry Minister Iselin Nybyo.
Accordingly, the Norwegian government has announced that it will allocate 365 million Norwegian kronor (more than $ 40.1 million) to the Andoya Space Center in the initial phase to build a satellite center. In the next phase, additional funds will be allocated for conducting surface surveys, technical calculations and concluding contracts.


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