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Elvira Kadyrova

E-retail trade in Turkmenistan is gaining popularity among the population. And there are many reasons for this trend. After all, the main benefit of online stores is that the buyer saves time and money, which is so important in our life. And in the current reality of increased infection risks, with an online store there is no need to roam crowded markets and supermarkets, where it is difficult to maintain a social distance.

So, where do residents of Turkmenistan shop today without leaving their homes?

Food, household chemicals and essential commodity

100haryt online store offers products for every taste. In the huge catalog you can find everything you want – computers, gadgets and smartphones, various accessories for devices, small appliances, household goods, household chemicals, perfumed products, books, toys for children and much more. In total, the catalog contains more than 200 Turkmen and foreign brands and manufacturers.

To make a purchase, just register on the store’s website. For orders over 100 manats, courier delivery is free of charge. You can pay for your purchases in cash upon delivery.

In addition to household appliances and chemicals, a variety of food products – fruits, vegetables, canned goods, dairy products, pastries – are available at the online market Hyper Online Shopping. The orders worth over 50 manats are delivered free of charge. But you can also choose Express delivery for 20 manats within an hour.

Trustworthy online store has opened just a year ago. Today, the store’s catalog offers more than a thousand types of products – food products, household chemicals, food – from hundreds of different brands.

Currently, free goods delivery is available in the cities of Ashgabat and Annau. The minimum order must be at least 100 manats. The purchase can be paid in cash or by the “Altyn Asyr” card in the national currency.

Ak Tam Bazary is an online trading platform with a large assortment of goods and services presented on the market of Turkmenistan. There are several sellers on the same site whose products are classified in the catalog.

Perfect Market, a well-known super-market chain in Ashgabat, also operates online. The minimum order amount must be 100 manats. The delivery cost is 10 manats.

Market only online store advertises food, household chemicals and zoo products. Delivery is carried out both in Ashgabat and suburbs. If the order cost exceeds 100 manats, shipping is free of charge. Delivery is performed from 11am to 8pm.

You can order essential products in the Children online store on the website  or in the mobile app. The delivery cost depends on your location. You can pay for your purchase in cash or with an Altyn Asyr Bank card.

Clothing and cosmetics

Recently, the Mary clothing factory Victory opened online store on the official website.

So far, only men’s and teen shirts can be purchased online. The cost varies from 61 to 120 manats. Payment can be made both in cash and non-cash.

The order is delivered by the courier service “Türkmenpoçta çaparçylyk” within one day in Ashgabat (15 manat) and 1-3 days for provinces (20 manat). For orders over 1000 manats, delivery is free.

Imported clothing for the whole family can be ordered from the WABr online store.

In Wabrum you can buy fashionable clothes, shoes, accessories, home goods at prices cheaper than market pricing.  For example, here you can find Turkish brand LC Waikiki in a wide range at an affordable price.

Just like on other online stores, the customer does not pay anything at the time of placing an order. The order is paid upon receipt, in cash. Before the pandemic transport restrictions, all orders were shipped within 20 business days in Ashgabat and 30 business days in other cities of Turkmenistan.

Dukanym online store has been operating in the delivery market for more than 11 years. On the store’s website   you can buy the entire line of beauty and body care and home care from well-known foreign manufacturers.

Electronics and appliances

The range of products in the online store Tolkuchka is constantly updated with new equipment and electronics. On the store’s website  you can find various communication devices and accessories – mobile phones and smartphones, tablets, laptops, video cameras, game consoles, printers, scanners, routers and modems, and much more.

The Add store also specializes in selling electronic equipment, which has been present on the e-commerce market since 2014. The site also has a section “Did not find what you were looking for, contact us!”. So, unique products can be ordered individually.

Online store Ashgabat Market features high-quality appliances for home and office from brands such as Bosch, Philips, Tefal, Kenwood and etc.


GALAM is the largest online stationery store in Turkmenistan. It has dozens of products in its catalog for schools, offices, books, art sets, souvenirs and gifts.

From year to year, the store continues to develop, expand its geographical presence and improve the quality of service. The purchase is delivered within two days, for orders over 80 manats in Ashgabat, delivery is free.

Cafes and restaurants

Online service Dostawka.bar operates throughout the territory of Turkmenistan. The service is a rendezvous point for the consumers and restaurants. For example, customers can choose dishes from their favorite cafe in the app or try something new and order delivery to any point in the city, and cafes/restaurants get a free platform for accepting orders and advertising.

One of the main advantages of the platform is that you no longer need to store a pile of restaurant cards, no more calls and tedious waiting. Operators of the cafes or the apps contact customers for order acceptance. /// nCa, 3 August 2020


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