SSV: Medical personnel who treat coronavirus patients outside the hospital will be prosecuted

In Uzbekistan, the treatment of patients with COVID-19 using injection and infusion drugs and procedures prescribed by a doctor is prohibited, except in designated treatment and prevention facilities.

The ban was introduced by the order of the Minister of Health dated August 6 “On the regulation of treatment criteria and retro-prospective analysis of patients with coronavirus infection.” This was reported by the press service of the ministry.

According to the order, letters of guarantee will be received from doctors and nurses working in all medical institutions in the country not to treat patients and perform prescribed procedures outside the treatment and prevention facilities adapted for the treatment of patients with coronavirus.

The Department of Quality Control of Medical Services of the Ministry monitors compliance with this procedure.
The heads of non-governmental medical organizations were also advised to follow this rule.

Now, employees who do not comply with this order are subject to the order of the Minister of Health dated August 5 “On further improving the work to combat coronavirus infection in the Republic of Uzbekistan” and the treatment of patients with COVID-19. found guilty of violating the procedure and recommendations set forth in the 6th edition of the “Temporary Instructions on



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