The Law on the Protection of Agricultural Plants was rejected due to the need for its radical revision

Tashkent, Uzbekistan (UzDaily.com) — Today, the issue of ensuring phytosanitary safety is of particular relevance on a global scale. The global implementation of the marketing of agricultural products requires compliance with international plant health standards.

In addition, it is impossible to grow a rich harvest without effectively protecting crops from pests and diseases, which means that ensuring the food security of the population in our country is also directly related to this issue. From this point of view, the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the protection of agricultural plants from pests, diseases and weeds” in the new edition, included in the agenda of the sixth plenary session of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis, must meet the requirements in this area at a new stage of the country’s development.

After a comprehensive review of the Law with the participation of specialists from the relevant ministries and departments, a conclusion was made about the need for its radical revision.

First of all, the Law does not contain a list of chemical compounds used to protect plants from harmful organisms, and recommended chemical and biological agents, fertilizers and other drugs. The main criteria and norms for their effective and harmless use are also not disclosed.

In addition, the Law does not reflect issues related to the identification of objects and subjects of plant protection, their rights and obligations. Aspects of radiological, toxicological surveillance and diagnostics are also not indicated in order to ensure standard pesticide norms for growing products in agriculture that meet international requirements.

At the same time, the Law does not contain requirements for registration of new pesticides and agrochemicals, as well as issuing a permit for the use of funds in agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan. No norms have been established regarding the study of the distribution of previously unheard species of pests, diseases and weeds as a result of the introduction of new varieties and varieties of plants in the agricultural sector.

According to experts, it is necessary to consider the norms of the Law regarding their compliance with other legislative acts and international acts on plant quarantine and their protection. In addition, the presentation of the articles of the Law does not meet the requirements of the legislative technique.

Taking into account the importance of public relations regulated in the Law, the senators considered it appropriate to revise the concept of this Law, applying an integrated approach to it, implementing international norms for its completion, as well as to take an inventory of the current legislation and include the provisions of this Law in it.

The law was rejected by the senators.



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