The Ministry of Transport explains the reason for the overpricing of the cost of tickets for charter flights

Tashkent, Uzbekistan (UzDaily.com) — In recent days, various reports have appeared on social networks that charter flights, which are organized to deliver foreign citizens to Uzbekistan, are completely purchased by private companies and sold to passengers at high prices. In order to clarify the situation, the Ministry of Transport reports the following.

To date, due to the coronavirus pandemic, regular flights between the countries have been suspended. Repatriation flights are organized in accordance with the flight schedule approved by the Republican Special Commission for the export of compatriots from abroad to their homeland.

Also, in accordance with the resolution of the Republican Special Commission from 7 July 2020 No. 33 “On the organization of international passenger flights to / from the Republic of Uzbekistan during the coronavirus pandemic”, a TEMPORARY ORDER was approved. In accordance with this procedure and in accordance with the requests of tour operators or airlines, it is allowed to organize charter flights through all international airports of the republic for all citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan and persons permanently residing in the Republic of Uzbekistan without citizenship, subject to the provision of services for preliminary accompaniment and accommodation in hotels in strict accordance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements.

Such commercial flights are also carried out by direct agreement with the Republican Special Commission. At the same time, the State Committee for Tourism Development fully controls the accommodation of passengers brought to the country by tour operators in strict observance of quarantine rules. A preliminary agreement has been established for payment for transport and a 10-day quarantine, organized by tour operators through airports and checkpoints.

Charter flights organized by tour operators and airlines have nothing to do with repatriation flights organized in accordance with the flight schedule approved by the Special Commission of the Republic.

The relatively high cost of charter flights operated by tour operators and airlines is due to the following factors:

– At the request of the country where the flight is carried out, in most cases, an empty one-way flight (without passengers);

– rental cost of aircraft;

– route distance and number of countries flying over the airspace;

– aviation services;

– ground services and airport taxes;

– transportation of passengers by transport from the airport to the hotel;

– organization of control over the stay in the hotel in accordance with the quarantine rules;

– medical and sanitary services;

– cost of sampling for PCR and other financial costs.



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