The President of Turkmenistan made a number of proposals for further WHO activities in the fight against COVID-19

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Upon completion of the labor leave, on the first working day, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held a videoconference meeting with Director General of the World Health Organization Tedros Ghebreyesus, the State News Agency of Turkmenistan reports.

The main attention was focused on the topic of joint fight against the spread of acute infectious diseases and possible ways to reduce the damage they cause.

The parties discussed the main aspects of international cooperation and interaction in this direction.

Touching upon the topic of today’s discussion, the President of Turkmenistan made his proposals to WHO, which he constructively outlined in his speech.

The country is ready to work together with the World Health Organization and other stakeholders in this direction, the head of state said.

However, numerous aspects related to the COVID-19 virus remain unclear. According to the President, on the basis of this, Turkmenistan puts forward its proposals.

Firstly, the reasons for the emergence of new types of the virus today are an unresolved issue that scientists from many countries of the world are currently working on. Currently, there are fundamental scientific works that reveal, in general, the causes of the appearance of the coronavirus, which largely contributes to the determination of the correct methods of treatment for widespread diseases.

Research is ongoing to study the possible pathways for the spread of this dangerous virus. Numerous experts agree that one of the methods is airborne. This is confirmed by the studies of Turkmen scientists, doctors, ecologists and representatives of other scientific fields.

The issue of mutation of the new coronavirus and the emergence of new strains of it remains important. In this regard, Berdimuhamedov noted the expediency of systematic scientific work, which will allow obtaining information that fully reveals the complex etiology of the virus, its ability to change rapidly.

In our opinion, in order to effectively carry out such work, it is necessary to prepare a special program of the World Health Organization for the study of the coronavirus genome., the head of state emphasized.

Secondly, the emergence of disease types due to the COVID-19 virus is a complex issue. At present, the head of state continued, we know their main signs and the severity of respiratory diseases has been determined. However, there is no consensus about the true occurrence of diseases caused by the new virus.

An example of this is pneumonia of unknown etiology, which is rapidly spreading in our region. There is a point of view that this disease is due to a new coronavirus. But, at the same time, a feature characteristic of pneumonia is revealed through careful analysis in the laboratory and a detailed study of information obtained as a result of the use of modern medical technologies, including computed tomography.

I am confident in the need to consolidate the efforts of states in the very near future to correctly diagnose this disease under the patronage of the World Health Organization, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov emphasized. inviting the WHO Regional Office for Europe to consider the possibility of developing a regional approach to control pneumonia.

Thirdly, a particularly important issue is the improvement of methods of treatment of newly emerged infectious diseases and their prevention. Undoubtedly, the effective implementation of this work is directly related to the results of solving the aforementioned problems of studying the etiology of new microorganisms and identifying the diseases that they provoke.

We hope for the assistance of the World Health Organization in the further improvement of methods of treatment of relevant diseases, the head of Turkmenistan said, noting that in this regard it is advisable to consider the issue of creating a methodological center for the treatment and prevention of acute infectious diseases in the WHO structure.

The President stressed that he considers it necessary to unite joint efforts to address the above and other issues related to the provision of effective medical care to people, their effective treatment and saving human lives.

The implementation of the designated tasks is our duty and common responsibility, the head of Turkmenistan said, once again expressing hope for the full support of WHO in this noble cause.

Director General of the World Health Organization Tedros Ghebreyesus expressed gratitude to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for the informative speech and the proposals made. In this context, WHO expressed readiness to comprehensively study the proposals of the Turkmen leader and carry out joint activities.



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