There have been changes in the schedule of charter flights

Ministry of Transport of Uzbekistan warnedon changes in the schedule of charter flights organized for the export of compatriots from abroad.

In particular, the flight on the Cairo-Tashkent-Cairo route was previously scheduled for August 5. However, the flight was postponed to 16 August.

On another day, the Tashkent-Beijing-Tashkent flight will also take place: the board will depart on the indicated route not on August 7-8, as indicated earlier, but on August 13-14.

The dates of the remaining flights remain unchanged for now.

Thus, the schedule of export charters today looks like this:

August 6 – Tashkent-Dubai-Tashkent

August 6-7 – Tashkent-New York-Tashkent

August 6-7 – Tashkent-Tokyo-Tashkent

August 7 – Tashkent-Rostov-on-Don-Namangan

August 8 – Tashkent-St Petersburg-Namangan

August 9 – Tashkent-Moscow-Namangan

August 10 – Seoul-Tashkent-Seoul

August 10 – Tashkent-Delhi-Tashkent

August 10 – Cairo-Tashkent-Cairo

August 11 – Tashkent-Moscow-Tashkent

August 12 – Tashkent-Seoul-Tashkent

August 12 – Tashkent-Kazan-Tashkent

August 13 – Istanbul-Tashkent-Istanbul

August 13-14 —Tashkent-Beijing-Tashkent (for students)

August 13-14 – Tashkent-New York-Tashkent

August 15 – Tashkent-Moscow-Tashkent

August 16 – Cairo-Tashkent-Cairo

August 16 —Tashkent-St Petersburg-Tashkent.

Formerly a representative office of the Agency for External Labor Migration of Uzbekistan asked compatriots in the Russian Federation should not rush to buy tickets for export charters, as the schedule may be changed.


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