Treat or maim: Private clinics face revocation of licenses for violation of standards in the treatment of COVID-19

Private clinics in Uzbekistan admitting patients with coronavirus face revocation of licenses for violating treatment standards. This became known during a meeting at the Ministry of Health with representatives of private medical organizations that are involved in the detection and treatment of COVID-19. There, the Deputy Minister of Health Ulugbek Sabirov informed about the results of monitoring of non-state medical institutions.

Alla Rosstalnaya, an assistant at the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care at the Tashkent Institute for Advanced Medical Studies, analyzed the medical records of patients treated for COVID-19 in private clinics and found that they were given too many medications and two or more antibiotics despite no recommendation. In addition, they received infusion fluids (drip) contrary to treatment standards, reports the Ministry of Health.

“According to experts, treatment with various infusion fluids in the early stages of COVID-19 infection, the use of more than one antibiotic leads to a rapid transition to a severe form of the disease. During the monitoring, it was noted that similar mistakes were made in private medical institutions, ”the report says.

It also became known that 14 private clinics are receiving coronavirus patients in Tashkent. Of them only 7 signed an agreement with the Tashkent Health Department on compliance with sanitary and epidemiological rules and treatment standards.

“Most private medical institutions dealing with COVID-19 treatment do not have the necessary medical equipment and specialists. Unfortunately, some of them work without observing the sanitary and epidemiological rules and norms approved by the Ministry of Health, ”the message says.

At the meeting, the Department of Licensing and Accreditation of the Ministry of Health, together with regional sanitary and epidemiological services, was instructed to monitor the work of private clinics treating patients with coronavirus, as well as to take tough measures against those that violate treatment standards, including filing lawsuits to revoke their licenses …


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