Waterfront hotel

An amazing hotel has been designed by Jean-Michel Duacancelle, an engineer at a French shipping company. The circular hotel, Anthenea, was first introduced last year. The ship-shaped hotel, which is distinguished by its environmental friendliness, is made of previously used materials. The unique ship-shaped hotel, which is powered by solar panels at the top, consists of three main sections and two floors. The interior design of the hotel was created by experts from Pierre Cardin. Downstairs were things like sofas, refrigerators, and kitchens. During the holiday season, freshwater and sea water are available. Upstairs there is a 12-bed lounge. Interested customers can add a wood burning stove to this section. All floors have windows to look around. There is also a window in the sink where you can see the creatures at the bottom of the sea. Anthenea, which is moving at low speeds in the sea, is distinguished by the fact that it does not sink when there is a strong wind. The amazing ship can be used in 30 degree cold, 40 degree hot weather. The ship is equipped with 6 electric motors. The ship is intended for those who like to relax in a quiet, secluded place. Everything on the amazing ship can be remotely controlled.


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