Chairman of the Board examined the state of the ongoing work to increase the volume of natural gas production in Bukhara

Tashkent, Uzbekistan (UzDaily.com) — A “Working Group” headed by the Chairman of the Board of JSC “Uzbekneftegaz” Mehriddin Abdullayev studied the state of construction work of installations in the “Uchkir complex of gas purification from sulfur” of Gazli oil and gas production department.

In order to increase the volume of natural gas production, improve quality indicators and provide consumers with liquefied gas, large-scale work is being carried out at the Uchkir complex for gas purification from sulfur.

Also, the members of the “Working Group” identified problematic issues in the process of construction and installation of large-scale works performed at the “Uchkir Compressor Station” and at the “Propane-butane mixture separation device”, discussions were held with experts on their solution, the corresponding tasks were identified.

The Chairman of the Board instructed the heads of enterprises and the heads of contracting partners to strengthen control at the workplace during a pandemic, frequent disinfection of workplaces, increase vigilance, take measures to prevent the spread of infection among workers and organize an ambulance point in the Uchkir complex for gas purification from sulfur “.

An exchange of views took place on problematic issues, their solution, and the task of timely completion of work on launching the devices planned for construction on time was entrusted.

Until 1 September 2020, a task was given to relocate the Gazli oil and gas production department to the building of the Uchkir complex for gas purification from sulfur.

The Chairman of the Board also got acquainted with the construction and installation work carried out at the Kulbeshchak primary gas treatment unit. The tasks for the initial separation of the produced natural gas from the Doyakhotin group of fields and transmission to the Uchkir Compressor Station have been defined.

Currently, 60% of construction and installation work has been completed and the necessary instructions have been given for carrying out work in a fast and high-quality construction of this device.

It was also noted that in order to prevent a drop in natural gas volumes, it is necessary to accelerate repair work carried out in natural gas production wells, to take measures for drilling and technological processes aimed at increasing production volumes before the established time.

In order to increase production volumes, an assignment was given to develop additional measures to increase production and drill 3 new production wells.

Instructions were given to accelerate the implementation of the program for a phased upgrade of the material and technical base of Uzneftgazkuduktamirlash and to increase the efficiency of high-quality repair of wells in which major repairs are currently underway.

In the course of the study, special attention was paid to ensuring strict control over the acceleration of drilling and workover of wells in the field, the supply of material commodities for their early completion and commissioning, and the creation of all conditions for workers in this direction.

It was noted that the current state and problems of exploration wells under construction in the Gazli area were studied within the framework of the exploration program and that measures would be taken to accelerate all work on completion.

At three prospecting and exploration wells (Andakli-4, Andakli-5 and Yuzhny Kulbeshkak-4), which are planned to be built additionally, equipment installation work has been completed and instructions have been given to specialists to start drilling.

In addition, instructions were given to take all measures to complete the construction and add to the work of the “Doyakhot-83” well, which is being built on the territory of Gazli and at the intersection of 30 production wells, the construction of which is determined at the expense of Uzbekneftegaz JSC’s own funds.

It was noted that in order to increase the volume of hydrocarbon production in 2020, Uzbekneftegaz, at its own expense, should identify 3 more production wells and take measures to drill wells within a month.



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