U.S. Oil and Gas Agreement

An agreement reached between Turkey and the US-based Delta Gressent Energy on the extraction and sale of Syrian oil fields from oil wells in the IPG-controlled zone has provoked reactions in Turkey. The agreement, which is set to be replaced by a policy of full withdrawal from Syria through US President Trump, has added to Syria’s territorial integrity and Turkey’s concerns over the PKK. Such an agreement in the days when the U.S. bureaucracy agrees to stay in Syria to protect oil could also allow the White House to stay in Syria and continue its relations with the IPG-PKK as a local partner.

We bring to your attention SETA’s Foreign Policy Specialist Jan Ajun on the topic.

It is noteworthy that Delta Gressent Energy, founded in 2019, is the first certified American company to produce oil in the region, with experienced U.S. bureaucrats among its partners.

One of the highlights is the presence of John Dorrier, a former head of Gulf Sands, a UK-based oil drilling company in Syria.

In fact, talks between the American firm and the IPG were known to be ongoing. In the past, many companies and countries have been named in this regard. But it would not be wrong to say that the United States has a decisive position in this regard. Viewed as a financial source for Syria’s reconstruction and restoration, the oil fields brought to the agenda by Turkey are opening up for the US-backed PKK-PKK self-government. In a statement issued by the Turkish Foreign Ministry; “With this initiative, the terrorist organization IPG / PKK continues to control the natural resources of the Syrian people and achieve their extremist goals,” he said. Syria’s natural resources belong to the Syrian people. “We urge the United States to support this initiative, which is incompatible with international law, undermines Syria’s territorial integrity, solidarity and sovereignty, and belongs to the financing of terrorism.” It is expected that Turkey will be forced to resort to military action in the aftermath of the landslide.


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