Turkmenistan’s public sector employees give a bribe to avoid undergoing a health examination

It has been previously reported that public sectors employees and staff of state-run and major privately-owned organizations are being urged to undergo medical testing related to COVID-19.

Each examination, correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” report, lasts two to three days. The medical check-up involves doing an X-ray and EKG, nasal and mouth swabs as well as blood and urine tests. In addition, the testing requires an eye examination and appointments with a dentist and otolaryngologist.

A large queue forms in front of each medical office and the total cost of the health check-up might reach 70 manats in case a medical insurance is available.

According to an employee of the public utilities department of Bagtyyarlyk etrap of Ashgabat, medical doctors perform medical examinations pro forma.

To avoid the above procedure executives of companies of all forms of ownership with 50 and more employees prefer to urge collect 50 manats from each employee and arrange with medical institutions to issue medical certificates without undergoing a medical examination.

The list of employees is submitted to a hospital and doctors fill out form-177, which is subsequently forwarded to the Ministry of Healthcare and Medical Industry. A fee of 17 manats is charged from companies for an additional copy for employees.

Such “check-ups” are performed in hospitals №3 and №6, which are located in the 30th residential district of Ashgabat.


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