Tom­suň ta­ga­my

Italy. Ice cream sandwiches (Italian: brioche con gelato) are more popular in this country. This dish is mainly eaten for breakfast in the Sicilian region of the country. The ice cream is sent in a bulgur and melted and soaked in bread.
Japan. The image of the Mochi ice cream resembles a mushroom. In Japanese, the word “mochi” means a dough made of grated rice. This dish is prepared by putting ice cream in a round dough. It has a green tea flavor, vanilla, peanut and other varieties.
Thailand. In this country, they start making ice cream after ordering from a customer. That is, the taste is specially prepared for you and offered. First, a special steel container is filled with liquid. Then other flavors are added and mixed. It is then frozen and cut into small pieces and served in a cup.
England. There are so many types of ice cream in this country. In the early days, families who migrated from Italy to England opened ice cream shops. There were also amazingly delicious ice creams in those days. Cucumber ice cream became popular in the late nineteenth century. In the 1920s, ice cream, which was offered in thick bulgur and eaten with a long spoon, was accompanied by a variety of fruits, nuts and cream. Currently in the UK, everyone eats an average of 7 liters of ice cream a year.
In the 1940s, ice cream was mass-produced and distributed through refrigerated vehicles.


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