Türk­me­nis­tan san­ly ul­ga­ma iş­jeň go­şul­ýar

Turkmenistan is actively involved in the world news space. Extensive efforts are being made by the ministries and departments of our country to use information and communication technologies. In line with these objectives, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is strengthening the electronic form of its work by taking appropriate action and expanding its position in the global data space.

Go­laý­da, Da­şa­ry iş­ler mi­nistr­li­gi­niň Türk­me­nis­ta­nyň ýe­ten be­lent sep­git­le­ri­ni, mil­li Li­de­ri­mi­ziň ama­la aşyr­ýan üs­tün­lik­li sy­ýa­sa­ty­ny giň­den ýaý­ma­ga, ýur­du­my­zyň hal­ka­ra gat­na­şyk­la­ry­ny des­sin be­ýan et­mä­ge gö­nük­di­ri­len web-se­riş­de­le­rin­de tä­ze üýt­get­me­le­riň bir­ba­da bir­nä­çe­si gi­ri­zil­di.
In particular, an electronic library of the works of the President has been opened on the official website www.neutrality.gov.tm, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s Permanent Neutrality. This collection of works of the President will increase the knowledge of interested readers and will be an important guide for scientists, sociologists and politicians. In his works, the Turkmen leader highlighted the uniqueness of Turkmen culture, the diversity of traditions, the inviolable importance of our national heritage, the multifaceted pages of the glorious history of our people, the content of the reforms and programs in Turkmenistan in politics, economics and humanitarian relations.
Now all this is available to a huge world online audience – in the electronic library it is possible to read books of the President translated into more than 20 languages ​​of the world, in addition to the Turkmen language. The books themselves are presented here in 3D, while they are combined with the accompanying sound while reading.

A new section dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Permanent Neutrality of our country, www.neutrality.gov.tm, has opened a new section – an online exhibition dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan. This virtual exhibition showcases all sectors of our country, their main institutions and enterprises, various products manufactured in our country, including products intended for export.

In addition to the departments dedicated to industry, oil and gas, transport and communications, trade, education, science, health and sports, agriculture, culture, there are electronic “walls” of the provinces and the capital, Ashgabat. In general, 15 of the thematic chapters tell about the life of our Independent, Permanently Neutral Motherland, and clearly show the fruits of the remarkable reforms taking place in our country. The rich content of the exhibition, the variety of photos, and the videos will help the participants of the online exhibition to gain a clear understanding of our dear homeland, its economic potential.
In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has launched the work of the electronic newspaper International News. Its first issue was posted on the website of the Foreign Office.


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