Combined steam-gas power plant put into operation in Turkmenistan

The first combined combined cycle power plant was commissioned on the territory of the Mary hydroelectric power station in Turkmenistan. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov took part in the celebrations of the opening of the new facility and the Day of Energy Industry Workers, national media reported.

Photo: gtt.ru

The new power plant has 4 General Electric (USA) gas turbines with a capacity of 263.5 MW each and two steam turbines with a capacity of 260 MW each.

The commissioned combined cycle power plant is recognized as the largest in Central Asia. The advanced technologies used in its construction make it possible to combine the use of gas and steam to generate electricity. This reduces harmful emissions into the atmosphere and increases the efficiency of the plant, which has an annual capacity of 1,574 MW.

The efficiency of the new combined cycle power plant is over 56%, while the efficiency of the simple cycle power plant averages 34.2%, that is, the efficiency increases by more than 1.5 times. In addition, the consumption of natural gas used as fuel is significantly reduced. Combined-cycle power plants are more environmentally friendly, the amount of emissions into the atmosphere of combustion products – carbon dioxide – is reduced by 2-3 times.

During the opening ceremony of the power plant, Annie Sasko, Director for European Countries of the American Foundation for a Healthy Environment, and Anton Lepigson, Director of the Energy Department of the Max Planck Institute for Energy, presented the President of Turkmenistan with international certificates for the environmental friendliness and economy of the new facility, and Andreas Jansen, Europe Manager of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, presented certificate “High-tech energy facility”.


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