The Ministry of Communications of Turkmenistan to modernize the sphere of communications with funds from the IDB

The Ministry of Communications of Turkmenistan has launched the project “Development of telecommunication networks in Turkmenistan” aimed at improving the quality and range of communications services, Infoabad reports.

The project is financed by the Islamic Development Bank through the allocation of a credit line of $ 273 million.

The priority area is the development of mobile communications. The national operator Altyn Asyr CJSC should provide 100% coverage of the country’s territory with this type of communication, including 3G, 4G, and in the near future, 5G Internet and other services.

For this, more than 600 units of basic radio broadcasting equipment operating in 2G, 3G and 4G standards will be purchased. More than 120 4G base stations will be installed in the capital alone, which will halve the existing network capacity of this standard. Fourth generation mobile technologies can also be used in the fields of bank payments, telemedicine, distance education, transport management, security and public order, etc.

Attention was also paid to the development of wired telephone communications supporting the standards of the new generation – NGN (Next Generation Network) and multiservice platforms IMS (IP multimedia subsystem), when telephony, IP-television and the Internet will be supplied from one telephone point.

It is planned to build 550 telephone exchanges in the country based on NGN solutions, which are highly efficient with large traffic volumes, low operating costs, a wide range of communication services, high data transfer rates, etc.

As part of the project, outdated digital stations will be replaced in Ashgabat with a single IMS platform with a capacity of more than 80 thousand numbers.

For telecom operators, SCE “Turkmentelecom” and CJSC “Ashgabat City Telephone Network” will install multi-service billing platforms designed for a million subscribers, automated payment systems for communication services rendered to pay for Internet, communication services, IP-telephony, as well as utilities, road fines inspections, etc.

At present, in Ashgabat, the average data transfer rate is 20 gigabits per second, but in the future it is planned to increase it to 100 Gbps; in velayat centers, the data transfer rate will be up to 40 Gb / s, in etrap centers – up to 10 Gb / s, and between etrap centers and farmstead associations – up to 4 Gb / s.

It is planned to expand FM broadcasting to provide 100% coverage of the country, for this, 217 FM radio transmitters of various capacities will be installed.


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