The Exhibition of Economic Achievements of Turkmenistan completed in Ashgabat

The Exhibition of Economic Achievements of Turkmenistan, which was held by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the eve of the 27th anniversary of the country’s independence, completed its work in Ashgabat. The exhibition was designed to demonstrate the success of the national economy, the State Information Agency of Turkmenistan reports.

Energy and industry, oil and gas, petrochemistry, construction and building materials, transport and communications, textile production and carpet weaving, chemical industry, agriculture and water management, agro-industrial complex, medical industry, education, culture, sports and tourism, printing industry, nature conservation and the results of greening policy – the dynamics of development of all these areas was reflected in videos, models, printed materials.

The fuel and energy complex was represented by the products of the country’s industrial giants – the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries and the recently commissioned Garabogazkarbamid plant for the production of carbamide from natural gas.

The interactive media project of the State Committee on Television, Radio Broadcasting and Cinematography about the Amul-Khazar 2018 International Rally aroused the interest of the visitors. With the help of a smartphone and virtual reality glasses, one could plunge into the atmosphere of a rally-raid that passed through the Karakum Desert.

The exhibition also presented the sports equipment of the Turkmen leader, in which he performed at the initial stage of the international rally, and a special award from the Africa Eco Race, presented to the head of state Jean-Louis Schlesser for the successful conduct and provision of a high level of the rally-raid.


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