Culture Week – 2020 begins in Turkmenistan

Culture Week – 2020 kicked off in the administrative center of Dashoguz province with an official opening ceremony. The annual forum is devoted to Day of Culture and Art Workers, as well as Magtymguly Fraghi’s Poetry, which is celebrated on June 27.

The opening ceremony took place in the Gerogly Square in front of the Ruhiet (Spirituality) Palace, featuring a festive concert by famous theater artists, popular folk groups, pop and folk singers. The concert program included folk and modern songs, classical music and choreographic compositions.

Culture Week – 2020 will be marked with concerts by masters of art, performances by children’s art groups, literary evenings, theatrical productions, screening of “The Great Silk Road” feature film, visits to historical and cultural monuments of Dashoguz province and other events.



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