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Our doctors are today’s heroes

Health is an invaluable asset for everyone, because only when all four limbs are healthy, he feels happy, enjoys working, benefits his family, relatives, people around him, looks to the future with confidence, dreams and dreams. . Socio-economic development of society is one of the important factors for the development of the country and the health of citizens. Our great people did not say in vain, “Medicine is the greatest of all arts,” and Alisher Navoi said, “A skilled doctor with sweet words is a cure for illness.” It is a noble goal for every doctor to share the pain of patients not only with medicine, professional skills, experience, but also with sweet words, to bring them back to a healthy life and family.
“In this regard, it is worthwhile to thank all the dedicated doctors who risked their lives and health to fight the disease,” said the head of state.
The pandemic showed not only how honorable and responsible doctors are, but also their place and status in society, their high respect among our people.
At a time when the coronavirus infection is threatening, every citizen has a great responsibility to health professionals. In the image of medical workers, we see heroes who are selflessly enjoying themselves and working day and night for the health of our compatriots.
One of them was Ziyoviddin Ghulomov, who worked at the Ibn Sino Clinical Hospital No. 1 in Tashkent. He was born in 1963 to an intelligent family. Sobir Rahimov, from the same time, grew up in the present-day Huvaydo mahalla in the Almazar district. His father, Najmiddin Ghulomov, taught children at School No. 169 and worked as a scientific director for 60-70 years of the last century. At the present time, Najmiddin Aka has outgrown thousands of people who are making a worthy contribution to the development of our country. Ziyoviddin Ghulomov, the son of this man, studied at the Institute of Medicine and contributed to the establishment of the Department of Urology of the Tashkent Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education. It should be noted that in 1971-1988 the department was headed by Professor Odil Mukhtorov. Chairman of the Scientific Society of Urologists of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Honored Scientist of Uzbekistan Odil Mukhtorov is the author of 130 scientific articles and 4 monographs, under which he defended 4 PhD and 1 doctoral dissertation. Ziyoviddin Ghulomov respected his cousin and chose his profession in the field of urology. At the same time, since the 80s he has been working in the urology department as a urologist, head of the department. Over the years, Ziyoviddin Ghulomov has cured thousands of patients. He made a significant contribution to the surgical treatment of urolithiasis, prostate and other diseases. Talented disciples grew up under him.
It is not without reason that it is said that a person is known when he is in charge of the people. Ziyoviddin Ghulomov treated patients who had been quarantined for 18 days in the urology department of the Ibn Sino Clinical Hospital No. 1 in Tashkent when the COVID-19 wave entered the country, when the coronavirus began to spread. Some time later, while continuing his professional career, the doctor contracted a coronavirus infection. After that, Ziyoviddin Ghulomov died, despite the measures taken by his colleagues.
In this regard, we ask the responsible organizations, officials of the Ministry of Health not to forget the services rendered by Z. Gulyamov in his professional activity, in other words, his courage and selflessness. It would be appropriate to express sympathy to the family members and relatives of this selfless person.
We hope that the family members will be relieved by the memory of Ziyoviddin Ghulomov, his good deeds and deeds.
We express our deep respect and gratitude to all dedicated medical workers, in particular, for the honorable task of protecting life and health, which is the most precious blessing for human beings in a pandemic that threatens the whole world.

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