Be careful! GM Uzbekistan warns


Be careful! GM Uzbekistan warns

GM Uzbekistan has issued a warning to its customers. In it, the company talks about people who deceive citizens by offering them cheap cars.

“We would like to inform you about the fraudulent activities of” entrepreneurs “who are currently offering new cars to the population at very low prices and embezzling the funds of citizens through fraud:

It turned out that some companies fraudulently offered buyers a new car at very low prices, and as a result did not return the car or money. Today, dozens of people have fallen victim to such scams.

“GM Uzbekistan will ask you to be aware of the fact that only the official dealers of the company are engaged in the sale of new cars, so as not to fall prey to fraudsters,” the company’s press service said.

Also, a complete list of official dealers as reliable information is provided in the link below.

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