Andijan school principals ordered to find sponsors and re-renovate newly renovated buildings

July 27 teachers in Andijan areas that recently renovated their schoolsbrother, obliged anew renovate educational buildings. For teachers instructed paint the facades within two days buildings with multicolored paints, paint on the stairs of the tablesin multiplication, and paint the walls with chemical formulas. In addition, disinfection tunnels have begun to be installed in front of each school in the Andijan region. School principals complained to Ozodlikin“, what they were assigned all costs associated with the performance of these works. Representative of the Andijan regional management public education stressed that for repair work director schools must find sponsors themselves.

The director of one of the schools in the Asaka region informed Ozodlik about a new order to carry out repair work in schools in Andijan region.

– This academic year, school principals had a very difficult time with the renovation work. Previously, the repair work was sponsored by the parents of schoolchildren, in this we practically did not receive such assistance. We had barely completed the renovation of our school when a new “idea” appeared again. It turns out that the uniformity that has existed in our schools for 100 years is the main reason why our graduates cannot go to universities. Now we were ordered to paint the facades of buildings, corridors and paths in bright colors, draw a multiplication table on the stairs, and decorate the walls with various drawings, ”complains the director of one of the Asaka school, who wished to remain anonymous because of fear of being fired from his job.

The school director sent to the editorial office of Ozodlik document about a new order, signed by the head of the district department of public education Sh. Kasymov. According to this document, on July 27, directors of district schools were assigned 18 tasks, and only two days were allocated for their implementation. However, the document does not indicate who exactly will bear the costs associated with the implementation of these orders.

The document emphasizes the need to equip schools in a non-standard way.

– Let’s say that equipping schools will somehow help students. But why did the district administration not tell us about this before the start of renovation work in the school building? Where can we get the funds for the repeated repairs? We are asked to organize a chess corner with a photo report. However, who is it for? After all, it is not yet known when classes will begin, all teachers work online. We are required to organize rest rooms for primary classes. This is a great idea! But how to organize such a room if the number of students is 2-3 times higher than the required norm! How to organize rest rooms when children study in 2-3 shifts. They also ordered us five punching bags in the gym! It’s great! We were delighted with this. But then it turned out that we had to buy these pears at our own expense. Who will use the chess corner or the punching bags now ?, says the director of one of the schools in the Asaka district in a conversation with our journalist.

The situation, which the director of a school in Asaka district told about, is also observed in other schools in Andijan region.

The director of one of the schools in the Pakhtaabad region sent a video material entitled “Visual recommendations on the design of courtyards, foyers and corridors of secondary schools” to the editorial office of Ozodlik. In the video, you can see the facade of the school building, painted with multi-colored paints, a multiplication table is drawn on the stairs, and the walls are painted with chemical formulas.

The director of the Pakhtaabad school, who asked the editorial staff of Ozodlik not to disclose his name for security reasons, says he is at a loss as to where to get the money to decorate the school building and how to complete this work in two days.

“In addition to all this, we installed a disinfection tunnel at the entrance to the school for 1 million 500 thousand soums (150 thousand soums). We were told that we should deduct the money for this disinfection tunnel from the teachers’ August salary. In addition, we were told that monthly disinfection would require the purchase of a chlorine solution worth at least 20,000 soums. All these costs must be covered by the school itself. And this, in turn, means that money will again be collected from teachers and school staff, – says the director of the school in the Pakhtaabad region.

Дезинфекционный туннель, установленный при входе в одну из школ в Андижанской области.

Disinfection tunnel installed at the entrance to one of the schools in Andijan region.

The document, signed by the head of the Asaka District Department of Public Education, states that a disinfection tunnel should be installed at the entrance to each school.

The director of the Asaka district school does not know where to get the money to carry out all these instructions.

– To carry out these orders, you will need at least 10-15 million soums (1000-1500 dollars). Where can we get this money? Again, will we collect from students or teachers? How long will we be forced to do unnecessary things ?, complains the headmaster.

An employee of the Andijan Regional Department of Public Education, who asked Ozodlik not to disclose his name, said that in order to fulfill the new instructions, school principals would have to look for sponsors themselves.

– The document does not say that to complete new tasks it is necessary to collect money from teachers or school principals. Nobody told them that. If there is no money in school funds, then there are entrepreneurs in every district where schools are located. If school principals are not lazy, then finding a sponsor is not very difficult. New assignments for equipping schools are given to them to improve the level of knowledge of students, in order to make our schools modern. There is no need to look for some malicious intent in this, – a representative of the Andijan regional department of public education told our radio.

Ozodlik ”is not yet known whether a similar situation is observed in schools in other regions.

Our journalist was unable to get a comment on this matter from the Ministry of Public Education of Uzbekistan.



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