“The doctors discharged my mother from the quarantine zone, without fully curing, but they attributed medications that she did not receive at all.”

Entrepreneur from Chilanzar district of Tashkent city, who called the editorial office of Ozodlik, complained that his mother, infected coronavirus, deliveredandland not to the hospital, but to the quarantine zone, andwithout curing to the end, they sent home.

On July 16, my mother was taken to the hospital, which is located next to the Hamza metro station, with a diagnosis of bilateral pneumonia. Two days later, the test results showed a positive result. Then they said that my mother would be transferred to the hospital of the Institute of Virology. But late at night, my mother was taken to the quarantine zone at the eye clinic on the Karakamysh massif, where people who arrived on charter flights are placed. There was no doctor treating those infected with the coronavirus, no care, no conditions. Despite the refusal of ophthalmologists to admit patients with coronavirus, four infected were left in the hospital. I myself found my mother a pulmonologist who prescribed her treatment by phone. I bought all the necessary medicines at my own expense. At my request, the nurses gave my mother an injection, – says an interlocutor from Tashkent.

According to the interlocutor, on July 30, the quarantine zone, where his sick mother was, was decided to close, and all the guests, including his mother, were sent home.

– I sent a taxi driver for her, who brought my mother home. When I looked at the statement, the date was July 31, 2020. That is, my mother was discharged the next day. Moreover, the discharge stated that my mother took two Arbidol tablets three times a day. But my mother and I are witnesses that no “Arbidol” was given to her. She was given only 3-4 Chinese pills. I bought all the medicines for my mother myself. You cannot find these drugs in pharmacies, but on the “black market” they are sold for 600 thousand soums ($ 60). It is not known where the representatives of the quarantine zone put the medicines issued by the state, drawing up acts in other people’s names, – the interlocutor complains.

It should be reminded that last week Ozodlik reported that deficiency of most antiviral drugs, antiviral drugs that are recommended for the treatment of coronavirus infection and bilateral pneumonia. Our radio sources reported that these drugs sold on the black market at inflated prices.



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