Summer cottages demolished near Tashkent without warning owners (video)

Some summer cottages in the villages “Khumson” and “Khojakent” of Bostanlyk district of Tashkent region are being demolished under the pretext of illegal construction. Suburban area owners, located on the shore rivers Ugam, reported “Ozodlik” that their cottages demolished without warning during their absence. Administration representative Bostanlyk region denied information about illegal demolition summer cottages, statedinthat ‘demolitions» held in in accordance with the government’s decision to demolish illegal structures. This summer demolition of summer cottages plots in Bostanliks district have become one of the most discussed topics in social networks.

Secret demolition summer cottages

A resident of Bostanlyk district who contacted the editorial office of Ozodlik said that over the past two weeks in the villages of Khumson and Khojakent, in the absence of the owners, about a dozen summer cottages were demolished.

– Summer cottages on the banks of the Ugam River are demolished in the absence of their owners. When the owners, having learned about the demolition, come to their summer cottages, the demolitionists immediately get into their cars and run away. They do not provide any decision on the demolition, – the source says.

The owner of another of the demolished summer cottages in Khumsan, on condition of anonymity, told Ozodlik that his summer cottage was also demolished in his absence without any prior warning.

– We learned about the demolition of our dacha from the neighbors who called us. When we arrived, the walls had already been torn down. There were two cars and one excavator, about ten people worked on the spot. My mom stood in front of the excavator to stop the drift. Nobody showed us any demolition decision. Then the carriers quietly left. Since then, none of them have appeared. They managed to destroy forty percent of the building, – said the source.

Conflict between the official and the owners of summer cottages

One of the videos sent to the editorial office of Ozodlik from the Bostanlyk region shows a conflict between an official who introduced himself as an employee of the prosecutor’s office and the owners of summer cottages.

The source who sent the video said that the video was taken in the village of Khumson. The video captures the incident that occurred after the arrival of the owners of summer cottages, who accidentally learned about the demolition of their facilities.

The video shows how the owners of the summer cottages asked the official, who arrived in the car of the internal affairs bodies and introduced himself as a prosecutor, to present a decision to demolish. However, the official did not provide them with any documents.

“Who you are? Introduce yourself! Do you have a document? Why aren’t you showing the solution? Show us the solution! Why don’t you warn the owners of summer cottages before demolition? On what basis do you come to demolish summer cottages without saying a word to anyone! ”The owner of one of the demolished summer cottages shouts on the video, addressing a man who introduced himself as a prosecutor.

The video also shows this man trying to hit the owner of one of the suburban areas.

According to an interlocutor from Bostanlyk district, who sent this video to our editorial office, the owners of summer cottages did not apply to any authorities about the official’s attack.

The Bostanlyk District Department of Internal Affairs reported that they had not received any statements on this incident either.

Executive: Demolitions are in progress legally

The representative of the Bostanlyk district administration, contacted by the Ozodlik journalist, denied information that summer cottages in the area were being demolished without warning their owners.

– Why are these summer cottages being demolished without warning? Two years ago, the Cabinet of Ministers issued a decree on the demolition of illegal buildings. Then a presidential decree was issued. All of these summer cottages were built illegally. Even if these summer cottages are demolished, their owners will not receive any compensation, because they do not have documents on hand, – said a representative of the district administration.

Recall that in 2017, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree on the creation of a free tourist zone “Charvak” in the Bostanlyk district of the Tashkent region.

According to the data obtained in the regional administration, for the implementation of this project, it was ordered to demolish illegal buildings located 50 meters along the Charvak and Ugam rivers.

Demolitions in Freedome – frequently covered topic

Over the past two years, large-scale demolitions in Bostanlik region have become one of the most discussed topics in the press.

First, elite mansions along the “presidential route” were demolished on the way to Charvak.

Then they began to demolish the summer cottages located along the Charvak and Ugam rivers.

The massive demolitions that began this summer in Bostonleak have also received repeated coverage in the local press.

On July 2, a press tour was organized for local media representatives on the demolition of illegally built dachas in Bostanlyk region.

On the same day, Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Court Kholmumin Yodgorov tried to prove to journalists the legality and legitimacy of the demolition of summer cottages in Bostanlik. However, this speech by Yodgorov was sharply criticized in the media.

In particular, his actions were condemned by the deputy of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis Rasul Kusherbayev:

“Isn’t it strange for an independent court when the deputy chairman of the Supreme Court, within the framework of a press tour, gives explanations about the“ demolitions ”and immediately tries to make people guilty, accusing them of erecting illegal buildings? Doesn’t that sound like the judiciary is acting as an advocate for the executive branch and unconditionally fulfilling its instructions? If this is really so, then it is awful! ”- wrote the deputy.

Within the Chimgan-Charvak resort and recreational zone, it is planned to create a free tourist zone worth 100 million US dollars.

According to the plan, modern hotel complexes, cultural and recreational, shopping and entertainment and other tourist facilities will appear on its territory.

The presidential decree also provides for the creation of unique tourist routes, taking into account the possibilities of the ecological environment of the region, ensuring the availability of vehicles, the introduction of new types of transport in the region.



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