The US State Department has published a report on the structure of Russian propaganda

U.S. Department of State published a report on Wednesday, which says the Kremlin is creating an extensive “ecosystem” through which it spreads misinformation about the coronavirus and other propaganda materials. The goal is to confuse the audience and create a sense of fear.

“The ecosystem is built on five pillars,” the report says. “These are official government announcements, government-funded material being distributed around the world, cultivating friendly sources of information, using social media as a weapon and spreading disinformation through cyber means.”

The authors of the report hold the Kremlin directly responsible for the creation and development of this “ecosystem” as part of a large-scale strategy of using information as a weapon.

The report mentions seven sites that the Kremlin uses. The largest and most popular of these is Global Research, based in Canada. Their main goal is to replicate conspiracy theories associated with the coronavirus pandemic and false information on many issues, ”said State Department spokeswoman Lea Gabriel.

The statement by the Russian embassy in Washington described the report as an attempt to prevent a resumption of US-Russian security cooperation. “Any voices that contradict Washington qualify as ‘disinformation’ in the service of the Kremlin and Russian intelligence,” said Nikolai Lakhonin, spokesman for the Russian embassy.



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