The owner of the ship whose cargo exploded in Beirut was questioned

Cypriot police on Thursday interrogated the alleged owner of the vessel, the cargo confiscated from which exploded on August 4 in the port of Beirut, causing numerous casualties and widespread destruction.

The police did not disclose the identity of the interviewee, however, according to Reuters, this is a Russian businessman living in Cyprus, Igor Grechushkin. His name in an interview with Siberia. Reality was previously named by the captain of the ship “Rosus” Boris Prokoshev.

The police report does not say what status the Russian is in.

The Lebanese authorities confiscated 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate from the ship six years ago, and they exploded in a warehouse in the port. The Lebanese investigation believes that negligence led to the tragedy in Beirut on August 4.

The explosion could have occurred during welding.

According to the latest data from the Lebanese Ministry of Health, at least 149 people became victims of the explosion, the number of victims is gradually increasing – search and rescue work has not yet been completed.

About 5 thousand residents of Beirut were injured and injured. A powerful shock wave blew away part of the port and adjacent city blocks.

There are serious destructions in neighborhoods within a radius of several kilometers from the epicenter of the explosion. At least 250,000 residents of the Lebanese capital were left homeless.

The Lebanese authorities reported the arrest of 16 people during the investigation into the explosion. Most of them are port workers.

French President Emmanuel Macron was the first foreign leader to visit Beirut on Thursday after the explosion. He called on the Lebanese authorities for urgent reforms to prevent a collapse of the economy and an explosion of discontent from people who have recently staged massive protests against corruption.

According to Macron, Lebanon needs a “new political order” and massive anti-corruption reforms. Emmanuel Macron visited the affected port area, examined some of the damaged buildings, and talked with residents.

Many of them complained about the Lebanese authorities, saying that the country needs a revolution and a change in the “current regime.” Someone from the crowd shouted: “Come rule us!” Macron responded by promising that he will do everything possible to convince the Lebanese leadership of the need for reform and political change.

The French leader pledged to convene an international fundraising conference for Lebanon, but warned that the authorities must ensure transparency so that funds reach those affected.

Macron also joined the calls of a number of Lebanese politicians for an international investigation into the circumstances of the tragedy.



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