Trump Signs Decrees Banning Transactions With Chinese Owners Of TikTok And WeChat

US President Donald Trump has issued decrees prohibiting any dealings with Chinese companies that own the TikTok and WeChat apps. The decision takes effect after 45 days.

Trump cited national security concerns in his decree banning deals with TikTok-owned ByteDance. The decree states that TikTok can be used to conduct disinformation campaigns in favor of the Chinese Communist Party. In Trump’s executive order, the app, which allows you to share short videos, is labeled a “threat” to national security. The document also says that the United States should take decisive action against the owners of TikTok’a.

In a similar decree, Trump accused the Chinese messenger WeChat of automatically collecting “large amounts” of information about users. This dataset could “provide the Chinese Communist Party with access” to American confidential and proprietary information.

On August 3, Trump announced that the American company must buy the American branch of TikTok by September 15, otherwise the social network will not be able to work in the United States. The American company Microsoft said it is in talks to explore the possibility of such a purchase. The TikTok app is especially popular with teens and young audiences who use it to create and watch short videos. It is estimated that there are about a billion TikTok users worldwide. The company that owns it insists it does not pass user data to Beijing.



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