without reforms against corruption Lebanon will continue to sink

Without anti-corruption reforms, the situation in Lebanon will only worsen, the country “will continue to sink,” said French President Emmanuel Macron, while on a visit to Beirut.

Macron became the first foreign leader to travel to Lebanon, a former French colony, after a devastating explosion at the port of Beirut.

According to the latest data from the country’s Ministry of Health, at least 137 people became victims of the tragedy, and about 5 thousand were injured and injured. Part of the port was blown apart by a powerful shock wave There are serious destructions in neighborhoods within a radius of several kilometers from the epicenter of the explosion. At least 250,000 residents of the Lebanese capital were left homeless.

France, along with many other countries in the world, offered the Lebanese authorities assistance in eliminating the consequences of the disaster. In Beirut, French leader Emmanuel Macron visited the affected port area, examined some of the damaged buildings, talked with residents. Many of them complained about the Lebanese authorities, saying that the country needs a revolution and a change in the “current regime.” Someone from the crowd shouted: “Come rule us!” Macron responded by promising that he will do everything possible to convince the Lebanese leadership of the need for reform and political change. He also stressed that “humanitarian aid should not settle in the hands of corrupt officials.”

The Lebanese investigation believes that the tragedy in Beirut, which took place on August 4, was caused by negligence, namely, the storage of nearly three thousand tons of ammonium nitrate in unsafe conditions. Known for its explosiveness, this fertilizer-producing substance was confiscated from a merchant ship six years ago. According to Lebanese media reports, on the day of the explosion, the warehouse was being welded. The hole was closed so that outsiders could not get inside. As a result of negligence, a fire started, causing an explosion.

Many residents blame the Lebanese authorities for negligence, mismanagement, and corruption, which is now experiencing the most serious economic crisis in many years.



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