In Tashkent, a woman tried to jump off a power line

In the Main Department of Internal Affairs (GUVD) of the capital commented on video of a woman who tried to commit suicide by throwing herself off a power line.

It turned out that woman D. is 36 years old and she is a native of the Fergana region, temporarily residing in the Almazar region.

How it all happened

It is clarified that on August 6, preventive inspectors A. Karimov and Z. Zhabborberganov serving in the Almazar region, as well as officers of the patrol-guard service on the Small Ring Road noticed a woman who climbed onto the support post of a high-voltage transmission line.

At the same time, the woman informed the people gathering around her about her intention to jump from a deadly height.

Employees of the Main Internal Affairs Directorate, together with a specialist of the fire and rescue unit No. 8 of the Sergeli district, private Sh. Nurmukhamedov, who turned out to be nearby, went up to the woman and lowered her down, after which they were taken to OVD No. 6 of the UKD OVD of the Almazar region.

At the moment, a psychologist is working with the woman.


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