In Termez, a taxi driver who tried to flee in defiance of a PPH officer collided with an ambulance.

On August 7, videos surfaced on social media showing a taxi driver taking a traffic police officer under the hood of a car. The ICRC provided information on the situation.

The incident took place on August 7 in Termez, Surkhandarya region.

“The post-patrol service and public order department of the IAB of the region, Sh. While driving, a Matiz was stopped because it was moving at a forbidden traffic light.

The traffic police officer introduced himself and asked the driver to pull over and present his documents. Then the driver moves towards the traffic police officer who obstructs his way, disobeying the lawful request of the police officer. The driver, U.K., born in 1983 in Termez. The traffic police officer continues to drive despite the fact that he is hanging from the hood of his car. act According to a statement issued by the Interior Ministry’s General Directorate of Road Safety.

In a video provided by the ICRC, a Damascus driver blocking the Matiz, who was moving in the opposite direction, attempted to stop the taxi driver’s illegal movements, but the Matiz allegedly continued to hit the driver. As it turned out, the traffic police officer took advantage of the slowdown and managed to get off the hood of the car.

It was noted that “Matiz” will soon be involved in the accident with a ambulance “Damas” belonging to the Surkhandarya regional health department.

The Interior Ministry’s Traffic Safety Department said the Surkhandarya regional prosecutor’s office was investigating the case.



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