Italy extends restrictions until September 7; in Mexico – “protracted pandemic”

Italy, one of the countries most affected at the beginning of the pandemic, has extended until September 7 the restrictive measures aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus. This is spelled out in a decree issued by the government of Giuseppe Conte on 7 August. According to the order, masks remain mandatory in closed public places, people must maintain social distance, and mass events are still prohibited. Conte urged people to take precautions in connection with the coronavirus, which has claimed more than 35,000 lives in Italy.

In Mexico, hopes for a significant decrease in incidence have not materialized, the growth rate of new cases remains high. Assistant Minister of Health Hugo Lopez-Gatel said that “the pandemic will be protracted.” The country has registered almost 470 thousand cases of infection and more than 51 thousand deaths.

More than 720 thousand people have died from coronavirus worldwide, more than 161 thousand of them in the United States. Over the past nine days, 10,000 deaths have been recorded in the United States. US President Donald Trump said during a press conference on August 7 that more than 80 percent of US jurisdictions report declines in infections, and more than half of counties reported fewer than 20 cases in the past week. But the country “must remain vigilant,” Trump said.



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