“It’s a shame if the chairman serves his neighbors at home and receives citizens at home.”

A video conference chaired by Prime Minister Abdulla Aripov was held at the Cabinet of Ministers. It critically discussed the activities of the Ministry of Mahalla and Family Support.

There is a lack of systematic work by the Ministry to work with documents and strengthen enforcement discipline, and the implementation of the “Obod Khonadon”, “Obod Kucha” and “Obod Mahalla” measures, which are to be implemented in the mahallas, is in a state of disrepair. Inadequate organization of preventive measures to prevent crime and delinquency; was severely criticized.

As it turned out, the chairman of the mahalla is working in his house due to the lack of offices in 39 mahallas. District (city) governors and sector leaders have not taken any measures to relocate these neighborhoods to vacant buildings in the area. This not only has a negative impact on the efficiency of the community, but also causes inconvenience to the population. The prime minister called it a disgrace.

“It’s a testament to the attitude of local government leaders towards their positions,” he said. As if they have nothing to do with the neighborhood, they do not live in the neighborhood. It is a shame if the chairman serves his neighbors at home and receives citizens at home, ”the correspondent quoted the prime minister as saying.

Earlier, a video conference was held under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister, and some mahalla chairmen were sharply criticized. reported.



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