Money for the provision of services for the employment of persons abroad will be collected from employers

The Senate approved amendments and additions to the Law on Private Employment Agencies.

It was noted that in the process of applying the Law on the Regulation of the Activities of Private Employment Agencies, adopted in 2018, the facts of embezzlement by employment agencies of funds collected from citizens who expressed a desire to work abroad were recorded, while employment agencies did not provide employment for these citizens.

Criminal cases were initiated against the heads of 10 private employment agencies for causing material damage to 7,123 citizens in the amount of more than 72.0 billion soums.

In particular, the head of the private employment agency “Human” appropriated funds of 1,086 citizens in the amount of 21.2 billion soums, the head of the agency “Korean and Migrations” appropriated funds of 2,317 citizens in the amount of 22.2 billion soums.

In order to eliminate such negative cases, this Law establishes that money for the provision of employment services for persons who have expressed a desire to work abroad will be collected not from these persons, but from employers.

Also, in relation to officials of private employment agencies, liability is provided for violating the requirements of the Law.

In order to ensure transparency in the provision of employment services by employment agencies, contracts for the provision of services will be registered in real time in the information system of the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations.

In addition, in order to increase the guarantees of employment of our citizens looking for work outside the republic, the conclusion by private employment agencies in writing of cooperation agreements with foreign employers and partners is defined as a necessary condition.

The amendments made to the Law create the foundation for solving pressing issues of today, improving the welfare of citizens.

The law was approved by the senators.


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