Philip Kirkorov gave a solo concert in Tashkent

“Assalam aleykum, Tashkent!” – the long-awaited concert of the king of Russian pop music began with such a greeting!

On December 18, on the stage of the Humo Arena Ice Palace with a new solo concert program “The Best”, the famous performer, “king” of the Russian stage, Philip Kirkorov performed!

The singer performed not only time-tested 100% hits, such as “Snow”, “Cruel Love”, “Tea Rose” and many others, which the whole audience sang with the artist, but also new songs that were also very warmly received by the audience.

The superstar did not remain in debt to the applause of the Tashkent fans, he came down from the stage, receiving bouquets of flowers and numerous gifts! The fans literally surrounded the artist, expressed words of love and gratitude for his wonderful work!

The concert was really royal, as Philip likes, with bright shiny costumes, special effects, and just incendiary! photojournalist attended this memorable event and prepared colorful shots for you!


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