The best gift for March 8: singer Emin performed in Tashkent

A concert of the famous Russian singer Emin Agalarov took place in the capital.

The overcrowded hall of the Peoples’ Friendship Palace, several thousand spectators with smiles on their faces and loving eyes, the artist’s sensual performance – all this is about Emin Agalarov’s concert, which took place on a beautiful spring day on March 8.

Emin impressed the audience with his sincerity, kindness, sincere communication with his fans.

Throughout the concert, the performer did not stop communicating and joking with those present. The artist even went down from the stage and walked between the rows, taking pictures with fans and receiving gifts from them.

“Last year I was in this hall for the first time, and it was just as full then, it was very unexpected for us. We have been touring for a long time, and it does not happen in every city that there are so many spectators both for the first time and for the second time .. I hope it will be the third time! “ – the artist shared his impressions.

Emin performed his best hits and compositions, such as “Don’t Lose Me,” “Tender”, “My Girl”, “Let’s Escape to Baku” and others. One cannot fail to note his impeccable command of the English language – the artist also sang several songs in this language: “Amor”, “Still”, “Spare my heart”, “Good love” and others.

Based on the reaction of the audience, we can conclude that the concert left behind only the best and most pleasant emotions.

Emin Agalarov’s performance was held at a height, and residents of Tashkent, especially women, will remember this festive evening for a long time.

Photographer has captured the best moments of the concert for you in his photos.


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