The practice of holding the car may be canceled due to lack of insurance

Cancellation of the practice of holding the vehicle due to lack of compulsory insurance or failure to provide the driver to the traffic police inspector possible.

Farhod Ashmatov, a deputy of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, said on his Facebook page that the proposal had received more than 10,000 votes on the My Thoughts web portal.

«Our legislation stipulates that private property, like other forms of property, is inviolable and protected by the state. The owner may be deprived of his property only in cases and in the manner prescribed by law.

The car is also private property. Deprivation or restriction of the right to dispose of it must be carried out in the manner prescribed by law.

The Committee on Defense and Security of the Legislative Chamber has studied the appeals received on the web portal “My opinion” in connection with the entry of the car into the penalty area and the problems that arise on social networks.

The current Code of Administrative Responsibility stipulates the practice of keeping vehicles in the absence of motor insurance or failure to provide it to a traffic police officer by its owner.

We are also studying the experience of foreign countries in this regard. In particular, in the states of North Carolina, Virginia, Mississippi, Germany, England, Italy, France, the Russian Federation in the absence of insurance policies for compulsory insurance of civil liability are imposed administrative fines.

Thus, in foreign experience, it can be seen that in the absence of insurance policies for compulsory insurance of civil liability, the imposition of administrative fines guarantees the right of citizens to property.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the vehicle is the personal property of an individual, and its seizure or temporary detention is a restriction of the owner’s right to the property. Therefore, if there are no or no insurance policies for compulsory civil liability insurance, it is time to abolish the requirement to bring the vehicle to the penalty area and introduce the practice of imposing a fine on the spot. wrote the deputy.

According to Farhod Ashmatov, the proposal is currently being studied by experts and the relevant law is expected to be adopted soon.



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