Due to the economic situation, it is necessary to reduce contract prices

We all know that despite the measures taken by the head of our state and the government to ensure the stability of the economy and social support of the population during the quarantine period in our country, unfortunately, the pandemic situation continues. It is especially worrying that this situation has a negative impact on the incomes of our citizens. In these trying days, our people need more than ever to support both spiritually and economically needs.

It is planned that this year’s educational process in universities will be conducted remotely, most likely until the epidemiological situation in the country stabilizes. If education is remote, the costs of self-education are also likely to decrease.

It is also necessary to reduce the cost of payments and contracts, given the current economic situation in all families during the pandemic. If education is conducted online, internet fees for students and their parents are also definitely an additional expense. Proper online education saves travel expenses for students, accommodation and accommodation for students studying in Tashkent and regional centers from the regions. But given the current situation, these savings are not enough. Based on the above, it is necessary to reduce the contract fees at the university or give a grace period before the quarantine.

In accordance with the decree of the President, the list of social services and benefits provided free of charge or on preferential terms to those registered as low-income families in the information system “Single Register of Social Protection” was approved. According to him:

– Exemption from parental fees in public preschool education institutions;
– payment of parental fees in the amounts established in preschool educational institutions;
– Exemption of textbooks from rent in general secondary schools;
– Provision of winter clothing for students of general secondary schools;
– Exemption of students of general secondary schools specializing in the teaching of certain subjects from the cost of meals;
– Exemption from tuition fees in art schools, music schools, Barkamol Avlod centers and other out-of-school educational institutions;
– provision of prosthetic and orthopedic products to disabled members of low-income families;
– Receipt of free special (outpatient or day) medical care in specialized medical institutions.

This decision is, of course, another concern of our people by the head of our state. Our people accept this with gratitude and appreciation. It is hoped that if children from low-income families and those in need of social protection were also exempted from contract fees paid at the university, it would be a great confidence and opportunity given to them. We have families with two or more children who study on a fee-for-service basis.

In the same way, if the children of the same family were given discounts on contract fees, the problem of many families would be easier. Or if the support and benefits were introduced to families whose children are studying on a super-contract and today have lost their income due to the pandemic, the burden of our people would be overcome and they would be able to breathe freely. Because in the current pandemic, the more opportunities and conditions we can create for our sons and daughters to become educated and professional, the more we will contribute to the future and development of our country. After all, we must not forget that today’s students are tomorrow’s scientists, poets, leaders, or ministers.

Shahnoza Kholmaxamatova,
Legislation of the Oliy Majlis
chamber of deputies,
Member of the UzLiDeP faction



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