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– On social networks, you are often called a role model for girls, girls, women. What qualities do you think you possess to be considered one? Do you consider yourself a role model?

– I think it’s so immodest to say that I’m a role model. Maybe there are girls among my subscribers who call me that. It is very pleasant, but at the same time a huge responsibility. Those who attend my trainings will find out how sincere I am when I tell my stories and examples. As a coach who works a lot with young people, I agree that if you want to be successful at anything, you have to target someone strong in that area. This is normal. I have my own role models.

– Does the burden of responsibility put pressure on you in everyday life?

– Presses. I didn’t like it before when people said about me that I was a public person. I thought it was a dirty word. But I do not play roles, I am who I am. I don’t really depend on public opinion. In everyday life, I always understand that they are looking at me and this is always responsible. Therefore, I always work on myself as much as possible.

– In addition to being an example, you also headed the Kurak women’s forum. What have you achieved on this site and how useful has it been for women?

– At the beginning, Kurak was a rather closed organization. It consisted of women professionals who had achieved success, but still doubted whether Kurak needed to be more open in society. There were about 20-30 outstanding women who are famous all over the world. At one point, we decided that we need to share more experience so that people also see our fears and successes, mistakes and achievements. My role as chairman of Kurak was to help open up more to the public. We were also able to increase the number of members by several times. We have a paid membership, but we have provided free seats for women from the regions. We opened up as much as possible and provide various assistance to all who need it, teach women to become stronger, to become entrepreneurs.

It is important for us to develop a woman as a strong person, realized in life, who can raise strong, realized children.

I am now the deputy chairman of Kurak and while I am working on my dream, this is an online platform about women’s entrepreneurship.

– Why exactly women’s entrepreneurship, and not some other direction?

– If a person knows how to do something well, then he is a pro. There are women in our organization who know a lot and can share their experience, and this area of ​​business mentoring was not covered in our country. There are unions, but they are not mobile, with a different mentality. And we have created a project where girls and women teach each other design, blogging, business and more.

Kurak is a patchwork fabric, sewn from pieces of fabric of different colors, textures and sizes, we have such a diverse composition of women, but we are a single whole with one mission. Our movement brought together not only entrepreneurs, but also teachers, doctors, biologists, botanists. This is us, we are different. Entrepreneurship was an important area for us, because along with such problems as inequality, violence, it is also an economic problem. As we started to work deeper, we saw that one of the main causes of violence and inequality still lies in the economic situation of women. As we build our foundations, we are already addressing inequality and violence.

– How interconnected is the general idea of ​​your activism and what role does garbage cleaning, landscaping and other activities play in it?

– Everything that is natural, and everything that is from the heart, always has a place to be and grow. The impulse to help women has resulted in such a large organization “Kurak”, which has international recognition. It seems to me that activism fits very well with women’s themes. If a woman takes up a certain task, then she brings it to the end. Not because “el emne date”, but because we cannot leave our country to drown in garbage. We unite everyone who is ready to unite.

– Thanks to your Taza Zhashoo campaign, Kyrgyzstan has been ranked first in the World Day of Cleanliness international campaign for several years in a row. Are you looking more at where you’re pulling, or is there some kind of mission that ties everything together?

– Indeed, on the day of cleanliness, we managed to mobilize hundreds of thousands of people throughout the country, which means that taza zhashoo is not far off. It seems to me that each of us wants to live in a clean country, breathe clean air, work in normal conditions, without fear for our lives. Women are the most sensitive in this regard, they are used to seeing beauty and are not used to putting up with dirt or debris. For me, it is natural that we are fighting against the cutting down of trees, because we understand that trees provide oxygen and life. We fight against violence against women because we understand that if women do not help each other, then who will?

We help women earn money and become successful, because it is impossible to be happy in a poor country.

– Women’s entrepreneurship seems to be a fairly stable attempt to change the situation, but for many in their heads, volunteer clean-ups and cleanings are more associated with one-off events. Do you see sustainability in your activities?

– We promote a sustainable culture of learning by doing, which means learning by doing. Why are numbers important for us? 600 thousand people took part in our subbotniks. These people themselves will never throw out the trash again. 600 thousand “green” police officers who will always stop those who throw garbage in the wrong places. Last year, in many regions where we cleaned, it was difficult to find dirty places for cleaning – our volunteers say this. This is so good! Also, many of our Hour of Cleanliness volunteers go out to clean every Saturday, and this has become a good tradition and habit.

In addition, since 2014, I have seen great changes in the consciousness and mentality of people. Now, if someone throws trash, then they receive public condemnation. Throughout the civilized world – London, Singapore, America – police are fined for throwing garbage. Kyrgyzstan should also transfer the right to fine law enforcement officers for garbage. And then Kyrgyzstan will become cleaner. Therefore, there is consistency.

– You have one more area of ​​activity – building international relations. What do you do in this field and how does this relate to your work? Does business prevent you from engaging in activism?

– It is certainly a great honor for me to represent the Kingdom of Norway in Kyrgyzstan. When, for example, in Russia or America I say that I am the honorary consul of Norway, everyone asks what I did for Norway, that they elected me to this responsible position. The Norwegians noticed me when I was working with donors from Norway through the Rotary Club charity. I am pleased that Norway is one of the most generous countries and helps Kyrgyzstan a lot, there are a number of multi-million dollar aid projects.

Kyrgyzstan is a small country, and international relations for us are of key importance for the development of the economy. Every citizen should be a kind of ambassador for the country.

Business, on the other hand, helps in community service, and community service helps business – it is interweaving and reinforcing. There were many international platforms where I represented women’s business from our republic, we unite with women from different countries, exchange experience and knowledge.



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