Gates foresees a disaster “more serious than the crown.” Review of Russian media

“Saltpeter of delayed action” is the title of the article in the newspaper “Kommersant”, which says: “corruption and negligence” – so far denote the main version of the explosions in the port of Beirut, as a result of which at least 4,000 people were injured, more than 130 died, 300,000 were left homeless and many lost their business.

However, even before the tragedy in the port, Lebanon became a bankrupt state. International financial structures refused to deal with him until reforms were carried out in the country, but politicians could not agree in any way. At the same time, the population of the country is literally impoverished before our very eyes – the threat of hunger is hanging over it. The explosions in the port not only, as they say, “killed Beirut”, but also dealt a fatal blow to the economy of all Lebanon. Not without a “Russian trace”.

“Trump again admitted that the explosion in Beirut was the result of an attack” – this is how another material of the same editions, which says that the US President said in an interview with reporters: it is not yet known exactly what happened on August 4 in Beirut – perhaps “some kind of bomb” exploded in the Lebanese capital.

“Some think that it was an attack, some – that it was not. Whatever happened, it’s terrible. But in reality they don’t know what it is. Nobody knows yet,” the head of the White House quotes the publication.

Lebanese Customs warned authorities about a “powder keg” in the center of Beirut, writes on Thursday “Russian newspaper”… Officials in this Middle Eastern country admitted that the massive explosion in the port, which killed at least 135 people, injured more than five thousand and left about 300,000 homeless, was predictable and officials were repeatedly warned about it by the inspection authorities. … Badri Daher, the general director of Lebanese customs, told LBCI TV that his agency had sent six documents to the judiciary over the past few years warning that the port of Beirut contains chemicals that pose a great danger to the city. The matter, he said, was about 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate, which was “unsafely stored in a warehouse in the port.”

French President Emmanuel Macron will make an emergency visit to Lebanon on Thursday, August 6, to discuss the situation surrounding the powerful explosion in Beirut, as the French leader announced on Thursday in his blog.

“I will go to Beirut to convey to the people of Lebanon a message of brotherhood and solidarity from the French people,” the news agency quoted as saying TASS the words of Macron, who was forced to interrupt his vacation due to an emergency. In the Lebanese capital, he will hold talks with President of the Republic Michel Aoun and Prime Minister Hassan Diab.

The United States does not give up hope of changing the power in Syria: the White House is preparing to tighten sanctions for ties with Assad, writes on Thursday “Independent newspaper” citing the New York Times. The Donald Trump administration is preparing for new rounds against official Damascus and its allies on the basis of the “Caesar Law” that came into force this summer.

Although the State Department had previously assured that Washington was no longer interested in the idea of ​​removing Bashar al-Assad from the presidency, the newspaper’s interlocutors are convinced that this is precisely the goal that the legislative initiative ultimately pursues. The initiative, which took effect in June, gives the US executive the ability to punish any structure, company or person abroad for contacts with the Syrian elite.

Russia was included in a new economic bloc along with Iran and China: countries affected by US sanctions are experiencing mutual attraction, says another article of the same editions.

Russia, China and Iran are expanding economic and political ties, forming a new bloc, Tehran believes. The force that brings these countries closer together is the US sanctions pressure, from which Iran, Russia and China are suffering. These countries do not use American dollars in mutual trade, but national currencies and create special mechanisms to bypass American sanctions. The new Asian bloc was reported by Iranian diplomats in an interview with the Tehran Times.

“The witness told the details of the accident involving Efremov” – this is the title of the article in the newspaper Notificationswhere the words of an eyewitness of the sad events are quoted: “I saw several people running up and opening Efremov’s car and helping him get out. At first it was not clear who it was, then people began to say: Efremov, Efremov.”

He also noted that the behavior of the famous actor behind the wheel was boorish. “He drove into the oncoming lane, he braked sharply in front of me several times. If I hadn’t applied hard braking myself, we could have collided. At some point, instead of entering a turn, this car simply drove in a straight line, crossed a solid line and crashed into the victim’s car, “the witness specified.

Bill Gates predicts a natural disaster for the world after the coronavirus epidemic: the billionaire believes that our planet is facing a problem more serious than a pandemic, the newspaper writes on Thursday “TVNZ”… “Diseases associated with all sorts of viruses will occur regularly, if you do not deal with another problem – climate change,” – said the former head of Microsoft.

He believes that the number of people affected by natural disasters caused by climate change may exceed the number of people affected by COVID-19. “If you want to understand how climate change will affect people, then look at the situation with COVID-19 and imagine it tenfold,” predicts Gates.


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