Coal electricity pockets decrease | Time Turkmenistan

Il­kin­ji ge­zek soň­ky on­ýyl­lyk­da kö­mür­den alyn­ýan elekt­rik ener­gi­ýa­sy­nyň möç­be­ri dün­ýä de­re­je­sin­de azal­dy. Bu ba­ra­da «Glo­bal Coal Plant Trackers» we «Glo­bal Ener­gy Mo­ni­tor» gu­ra­ma­la­ry­na sal­gy­la­nyp, Ger­ma­ni­ýa­nyň «Deutsche Wel­le» te­le­ra­dio­kom­pa­ni­ýa­sy ha­bar ber­di.
In the first 6 months of 2020, coal-fired power plants with a total capacity of 18.3 GW were commissioned. At the same time, power plants with a capacity of more than 21 GW were shut down. The decline in coal power generation worldwide is mainly in Europe, with the figure declining by 8.3 GW in the first half of the year and 6 GW in the second half.
The commissioning of new coal-fired power plants in Southeast Asia is also declining, accounting for about 70% of the situation in the last five years. But environmentalists say coal-fired power plants are still operating in China. In July, Germany passed a law banning the use of brown and coal by 2038. A total of € 40 billion has been earmarked in the country to help the economically disadvantaged areas as a result of the coal refusal.


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