Russia, China and Iran interfere in the electoral process

China, Russia and Iran are trying to influence American voters shortly before the US presidential election. Russia is trying to undermine Democratic nominee Joe Biden, while China and Iran are trying to thwart Donald Trump’s re-election. With such a warning issued on Friday, August 7, the head of the National Center for Counterintelligence and Security, William Ivainina.

“We concluded that China would like President Trump, whom Beijing considers unpredictable, to not win the election … whom she perceives as an anti-Russian establishment, ”Iveinina said in a statement. He warned that foreign states would continue to covertly and explicitly try to influence American voters, stir up discord, and undermine American confidence in the democratic process.

When asked by a reporter if he trusted the findings of American intelligence, President Trump agreed: “It could be … But the last thing Russia wants is Donald Trump in the White House.”

A spokesman for the National Security Council warned that the United States will not allow foreign interference in the American electoral process and will respond to those who attack American democratic institutions.

The U.S. presidential election is slated for November 2020.



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