Entrepreneurs in Nukus plan to distribute 100 oxygen concentrators free of charge

Entrepreneurs from Karakalpakstan bring oxygen concentrators to the country at their own expense. This initiative is being implemented by the head of KARDAR, entrepreneur Murat Shimbergenov. correspondent spoke to the businessman by phone.

– Where are the oxygen concentrators now?

– At the moment, the concentrators have arrived in Tashkent from China. We talked to the staff who were bringing the luggage. Tomorrow we will send a car for concentrators from Nukus. Depending on the distance and the volume of cargo, oxygen generators arrive in Nukus in 2-3 days. We were a little worried until the oxygen concentrators arrived in Uzbekistan. The reason is that a number of entrepreneurs like us in Karakalpakstan have donated. Thank God, he arrived in our country without breaking the load.

– How many concentrators are brought? What is their total value?

– We are bringing to Nukus 100 oxygen concentrators from China. One cost a total of $ 450. Personally, I have 100 mln. I donated soums. The total cost was $ 45,000. Many businessmen also threw money. However, he had to borrow from someone for less than $ 20,000. However, one of the entrepreneurs who heard the news said that he would repay the loan of 20 thousand dollars.

Our goal is to provide these equipment to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Karakalpakstan free of charge. The chief doctor in Nukus said that coronavirus-infected patients, especially those in critical condition, were suffering as much as fish out of water if they were disconnected from the oxygen concentrator.

– Do you have any financial benefits from the oxygen concentrator?

“No.” There is no point in saying or doing anything financially. Everyone should be as generous as possible. As the Creator gave us this opportunity, so did we. It is not right to be generous and say that to someone. But our goal is to gather around us entrepreneurs and people who have the opportunity. In a sense, we have achieved this goal in recent days. Entrepreneurs in Karakalpakstan are on the verge of ordering the second part of the oxygen concentrators.

– After the arrival of concentrators in Nukus, do you pay attention to the purposes and who uses the staff of the CBV?

– Yes, of course. We pay attention to this. You know, now we have another solution for hospitals. Now we can get oxygen directly to the patient’s room through special equipment imported from abroad for patients who have difficulty breathing in hospitals. We have already started this work in consultation with the authorities.

– People from the population who want to buy concentrators also come to you. How do you respond to them?

– We can bring equipment from China to the population at our own cost. But on one condition: if someone really is being treated at home with COVID-19, and after the patient recovers, we will deliver the equipment to them on the condition of hospitalization.



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